Bruno Grassini

Bruno Grassini is from Italy. His most significant roles after his training at the Conservatory in Vienna: in the leading role of Luigi Lucheni he told Empiress Elisabeth's story in „Elisabeth“ in Vienna, Berlin, Trieste, Stuttgart, Zürich, Tokyo, Osaka and on german Tour. He played the lead role in „Jekyll & Hyde“ in Vienna and Cologne, Alfred in „Tanz der Vampire“ directed by Roman Polansky in Vienna, Anatoly in „Chess“ and Jean-Michel in „La Cage Aux Folles“ both on Eu-Tour, Judas in „Jesus Christ Superstar“, Andrews in „Titanic“, Chuck in the Eu-Premiere of „Avenue X“ in Vienna, Johannas Father in „The Popess“ in Fulda, Marley in „A Christmas Carol“ in Essen, Strelnikow in „Dr. Zhivago“ in Gmunden. The roles he created for world-premiere-productions: Bilbo in „The Lord Of The Rings“ (Berlin 1998), Der Schattenmann in „Ludwig²“ (2005 Füssen), Landvogt Gessler in „Tell“ (2012, Switzerland). CD's (other than the original cast recordings of his roles): Guest soloist in „Bella Notte“, „Musical Christmas in Vienna“, „True love“ and his first solo CD „Tra Cielo E Mare“. Facebook: Bruno Grassini. Instagram: bruno.grassini, www.