Michaela Bär

Already during her studies as a musical actress, the native of the German Erz Mountains was on stage in several productions, including Héloise in KNIGHT BLUEBEARD (Theater Plauen-Zwickau) and Anne Brontë in SISTERS IN SPIRIT (Mainzer Kammerspiele). Once she completed her professional education, her first leading role in a musical production followed with the role of Iris in WENN ROSENBLÄTTER FALLEN (KATiELLi Theater). Michaela also performed on stage as Lea Zitronenbaum in NEBENAN (Mainzer Kammerspiele) and as a soloist in KATiELLi'S CHRISTMAS and TIME TO LOVE (KATiELLi Theater). Most recently she appeared as AGNES in ABBA KLARO ( Komödie Bielefeld).